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7th July 2024

It’s the time of year when we invite local students to join us for work experience at Whitings LLP. We welcomed the wonderful James and Chloe from MCA6 to our Mildenhall office, to discover what it is like working here.



Here’s the bit you want to know. This is what they thought of their experience…



Why did you choose to have your work experience with Whitings?

James – ‘I chose Whitings, because I have previously done a work experience placement here before, which I really enjoyed and learned a lot from. The information I received, but also the support and guidance, really made choosing to come back to Whitings an obvious choice.’


Chloe – ‘I chose to do my work experience with Whitings as I have been considering a career in accountancy but didn’t really know much about it and wanted to see what it is really like.’


How you have found this week?

James – ‘I have found the week very helpful, and interesting, so far. It’s also been challenging at times, but I’ve had the support to help me understand everything clearer.’


Chloe – ‘I didn’t really know what to expect in regard to what kind of tasks and jobs I would be doing but I’ve found that I really enjoyed in this week – learning new information and seeing how many different aspects there really are.’



What have you learnt this week?

James – ‘So far this week, I have done accounts, gone through the process of Tax Returns, as well as other general jobs, such as completing letters to be sent out. I have gone very in-depth on some of the jobs that has helped me understand the whole process a lot better.’


Chloe – ‘Over the week, I was involved in a variety of tasks including Tax Returns, income/expense analysis and a Statement Of Profit.’


What have you enjoyed about your work experience?

James – ‘Starting a job from the beginning and being able to do the whole process through to the end, has been a really enjoyable experience, as it has helped me see the value of the work, as well as how much effort it requires.’


Chloe – ‘I think this week has been helpful not only to learn about and participate in various accounts preparations but also to get a feel of a real work environment outside of my school studies. On top of this, all the people were really nice and helpful throughout the week which definitely made it even better and easier to get used to a different environment.’



Would you recommend having work experience at Whitings?

James – ‘I would absolutely recommend anyone, who may be interested, in doing a work experience placement at Whitings. You get a real first-hand experience of what it is like to work here, as well as great support that makes the understanding process so much easier. I expect that the knowledge I can take from this experience will be very useful to me. I was already interested in becoming an accountant, in the near future, but this experience has just solidified for me that this is what I want to do.’


Chloe – ‘Overall, I would really recommend work experience at Whitings if you’re considering a career in accounting and want to see what it is like.’



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Disclaimer - All information in this post was correct at time of writing.
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