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Jaimie King
21st November 2023 Charities Difficulties Opening Bank Accounts

Having a strong relationship with a bank is crucial for many Charities that depend on the robust controls and support that a bank can provide. In recent years Charities have found it more difficult to open bank accounts particularly with the UK main high street banks, which has added to stresses that Trustees face along…

Jaimie King
9th November 2023 Trustees’ Week – Thanking All Trustees

Trustees’ Week 2023 At Whitings LLP we have many trustee contacts that play such a vital role in the charities we act for.   Charities have a huge impact on society and we act for many that dedicate their time and services to a variety of good causes.   As part of Trustees’ Week we…

Rob Pearl
18th October 2023 Charity Annual Returns: The New Process

The Charity Commission has a new process for submitting annual returns and filing amendments.   To access online services, each charity is required to register a ‘My Charity Commission Account’. Please note that your previous charity login details will no longer be valid.   Registration can be initiated by a telephone request 0300 066 9197…

Jaimie King
3rd November 2021 Trustees’ Week – How to become a trustee

  Many people decide to become a trustee to be able to give back to their communities. It is an exciting opportunity to benefit society and make a difference.   Trustees give their time, skills and experience to a good cause, but they can also learn new and useful skills in their role too.  …

Megan Turner
2nd November 2021 Trustees’ Week – What is a trustee?

  Charity law (the Charities Act 2011) describes charity trustees as ‘the persons having the general control and management of the administration of a charity’.   All properly appointed members of a charity are trustees in law, regardless of the title they have received. All trustees share equal responsibility for the charity and must always…

Megan Turner
1st November 2021 Trustees’ Week – 1st to 5th November 2021

This week is Trustees’ Week, an annual event to showcase the work that is carried out by trustees and to spread the word in order to get more people involved.   2021 is the 11th year of Trustees’ Week, with over one million trustees in the UK to celebrate and show appreciation for. Another purpose…

Megan Turner
5th July 2021 Charity annual returns

The charity annual return service is now available for 2021 and can be found on the link below.   Charities need to submit their annual return within 10 months of the financial year end.   Dependant on the level of income, the annual return has different requirements; Income under £10,000 It is only the…

Jaimie King
12th October 2020 AGM deadline extension for Charities

Due to Coronavirus, the Charity Commission had previously released guidance allowing Charities to postpone their scheduled AGMs to 30th September 2020, and allowing them to be held digitally.   This guidance has now been updated to allow postponement of AGMs to 30th December 2020.   The updated guidance can be viewed at –  

Whitings LLP
12th October 2020 What to do if your charity is facing financial difficulties?

In recent months many charities have found themselves in financial difficulties and an uncertainty of long-term survival, often caused by factors out of their control. Most notably the ongoing Covid-19 outbreak, which has had several knock-on effects such as a reduction in donation income or decreased operating capacity during the tightened lockdown rules. Other external…

Jaimie King
4th September 2020 New charity register

The Charity Commission has launched a new public register for charities – making information more transparent.   Using the below link, anyone can search for details of a charity which includes data such as financials, who the trustees are, and whether the charity fundraises from the public.   The Charity Commission wants members of the…