We offer a free initial consultation to potential new clients.


Our fees are computed on:

  • the basis of time spent on your affairs and assignments by the principals and our staff/consultants,
  • on the levels of skill and responsibility involved,
  • on the importance and value of the advice that we provide,
  • the level of risk.

Disbursements represent travel, accommodation and other expenses incurred in dealing with your affairs and will be added to our fees notes where appropriate.


Unless otherwise agreed, our fees will be charged separately for each of the main classes of work described above. You will be billed at appropriate intervals during the course of the year. Payment of fees will be due within 30 days of the date of the payment request. If you do not accept that a rendered fee is fair and reasonable you must notify us within 21 days of receipt.


For illustration purposes, current typical hourly charge-out rates are as follows:-

  • Partners                 £225
  • Associates             £185
  • Managers              £80 – £160
  • Seniors                  £50 – £85
  • Juniors                   £25 – £50


These typical charge-out rates applicable (excluding VAT) may be amended from time to time in the future; we will be pleased to supply details of current rates upon request. We will be pleased upon request to provide an estimate of the likely costs involved before commencement of work or any assignment.


Where requested we may indicate a fixed fee for the provision of specific services or an indicative range of fees for a particular assignment. It is not our practice to identify fixed fees for more than a year ahead as such fee quotes need to be reviewed in light of the events. If it becomes apparent to us, due to unforeseen circumstances, that a fee quote is inadequate, we reserve the right to notify you of a revised figure or range and to seek your agreement thereto.


Our fees for preparing a “CGT on UK property return”, including all calculations, submission to HMRC within 60 days and advising on the tax payable, start at approximately £500 plus VAT for UK residents and £800 for non UK residents.  This will also depend on the complexity of the calculations required.


Because no two clients, or businesses, or book-keeping systems are the same, neither are the levels of our fees.

We offer potential new clients a free initial consultation. At this meeting, once we have fully understood your circumstances, your plans and what accountancy services you require, we will be pleased to provide a fee quote in advance.