Employment Benefits (on top of market rate salary):
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Why do we have numerous partners and staff who have worked here for many years?
  • “The practice enables personal development and career progression through comprehensive professional and soft skills training, role promotion and the ability to create technical specialisms in areas of interest.”
  • “Lots of interaction and undertaking of fulfilling and pro-active work with great clients”.
  • “A culture supportive of a healthy work-life balance”.
  • “The ability to develop a visible positive profile in your local community”.
  • “Opportunity to grow, contribute to and improve the practice for the future”.
  • “A support network of line managers, local open plan offices, working practices and paper-less applications that enables professional working in a modern way”.
  • “Comradery and professional pride of working alongside like-minded colleagues”.
  • “Proud to work for an established practice, with a good reputation”.