Paul A Hill & Co Merger

17th October 2016

Whitings Expand into St. Ives and Chatteris


Paul Hill (left) congratulating Mark Haydon

Following a merger with St Ives and Chatteris based Paul A Hill & Co, the company has moved into Compass Point Business Park which, it says, will allow for greater presence in the town.

Mark Haydon, managing partner of Whiting & Partners, said: “The merger was an opportunity not to be missed.

“Not only does it take us into the St Ives area, it will also open up fresh opportunities in Huntingdon, Cambridge, Bedford and St Neots as well as taking us back into Chatteris.

“We may be one of the oldest firms of chartered accountants in East Anglia but we are ambitious, forward-thinking and offer the full range of accounting services from general practice to high-end corporate finance.”

The firm now has 11 offices across East Anglia.

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