How is the government supporting farmers?

21st February 2024

Let’s ask the question, ‘How is the government supporting farmers?’


DEFRA shared a press release from the Prime Minister yesterday, citing his and his party’s commitment to farmers and rural communities.


We already know that Sustainable Farming Incentive (SFI) and Countryside Stewardship payments are being increased across the board by approximately 10%, but the letter from the desk of the Prime Minister also announced further support as follows:
  • Doubling of the Management Payment for SFI up to £2,000 for anyone in an agreement starting before March 2025. Anyone already in the scheme who has already received the previous £1,000 will get a top up this spring.
  • The Management Payment will also be extended to new Countryside Stewardship agreements in the mid-tier from this summer.
  • Increase in funding for the Productivity and Innovation Scheme from £30m to £50m
  • New round of Farming Equipment and Technology Fund worth up to £70m to be opened (date to be confirmed)
  • £500,000 to support grassroots charities


The Prime Minister also re-iterated his commitment to ensuring food security through a new Food Security Index to ensure that self-sufficiency remains at or above the current level of 60%, and is providing a further £15m of support to ensure that those crops that ‘may be a little too wonky’ or small are re-directed to those in need.



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