HMRC: Simple Assessments

Whitings LLP - HMRC: Simple Assessments header image of calculator with word error. 4th July 2023
We are seeing a lot of tax calculations (forms P800) and ‘Simple Assessments’ (forms PA302) being issued by HMRC recently.


Many of the tax calculations we have seen are incorrect – either because they only include an estimate of non-PAYE income (i.e. bank interest, life assurance gains, property profits), or they omit non-PAYE income completely. You should check that all of your income is included on these calculations, and that all appropriate allowances/claims for relief (i.e. pension contributions or charitable donations made under the Gift Aid scheme) are accounted for, before accepting a repayment or making a payment.


Even if these notices do show the correct details of all of your income, you should still be satisfied that the calculation itself is correct, as we have already seen an instance where the tax on dividend income is incorrectly calculated!


So it’s important you check, and seek advice from your local Whitings Office if necessary.

Disclaimer - All information in this post was correct at time of writing.
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