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Ian Piper
28th December 2015 Targetted Anti-avoidance Rule

10% Tax Rate: Loophole closed for serial liquidators. The 2015 Autumn Statement, recently published as the Finance Bill 2016, introduces a new targeted anti-avoidance tax rule to stop contractors regularly liquidating their company then starting a new company, to extract profits at a personal tax rate of just under 10% rather than the usual effective rate of 25%+:…

Ian Piper
23rd October 2015 Disguised Employment Anti-Avoidance Legislation

IR35: CIOT and HMRC both suggesting changes required. The Chartered Institute of Taxation (CIOT) has suggested a new approach to tackle those who are ignoring or manipulating IR35 rules so they can avoid tax payments to HMRC. HMRC have recently suggested transferring the IR35 compliance obligation from the worker and his/her personal service company (PSC) to…

Vanessa Pearson
14th August 2015 24 month Rule

Contractors: Beware possible end to 24 month travel & subsistence tax rules. The more observant readers of the recent Summer Budget will have noticed that tucked away from the main headlines was the announcement that HMRC have started a 3 month consultation exercise into:     Employment Intermediaries and Tax Relief for Travel and Subsistence The aim…