XERO: User roles and permissions

26th November 2021

For businesses that require staff to have access to their Xero but do not want their employees to be able to view all details of their business there are different permissions and roles you can allocate to different users.



Adviser- This role is the highest role you can give someone; therefore, it includes full access to the Xero database.


Standard- This role is the next step down from adviser and includes all access, however, you cannot run reports, budgets, or journals.


Read only- This role allows access to all areas excluding inventory, multicurrency, payroll, and settings. However, no adjustments can be made to the software as it is a read only version.


Invoice only- This role is beneficial for businesses who do not want employees to have access to bank accounts as it only allows access to contacts, expense claims and files, some invoice only roles allow access to inventory, purchases and sales.



There are many permissions you can add onto these roles to allow users to add other users, allow access to reports and many others.


If you feel these roles and permissions would be helpful for your business, please contact me to talk this over and tailor Xero to you.

Disclaimer - All information in this post was correct at time of writing.
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