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Whitings LLP Tax Investigation Service 2023 24th March 2023

As I am sure we are all aware HMRC are able to open investigations into the accuracy of tax returns, VAT returns, payroll, etc via targeted, or random, tax enquiries. With an ever increasing budget deficit I fully expect HMRC to raise more enquiries this year to increase tax revenues. You will want to be in a position to ensure that investigations are dealt with fully. HMRC may believe there is an error and it will be important to explore this as HMRC are not always correct.


The costs of dealing with a tax investigation are not included in our normal fees and the costs involved could be substantial, the average cost of an enquiry is £3,200.


In response to this we offer our clients a tax enquiry and investigation service. 1 April 2023 is the annual renewal date for this cover, although it can be taken out at any time.


For a small yearly fee, we will:
  • Defend you if you are selected for an HMRC tax investigation
  • Cover all costs included in the service so that you know where you stand
  • Support you through the process and minimise any hassle


As well as the investigation service clients who take the cover benefit from a free legal helpline. There are terms and conditions and the link below provides further information on these.


Our annual renewal letters, and invitations, are currently being sent out. Cover starts once the premium is paid and can start at any time. We recommend all our clients consider joining this service, so keep an eye out for our letters.


For further information on the scheme contact your local office or click on the link below:

Disclaimer - All information in this post was correct at time of writing.
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