Payroll Update

30th September 2021

This half yearly payroll update:

Looks at:

  • Abolition of early year updates
  • Whitings LLP  outsourced payroll Modulr faster payment system
  • Changes in right to work regulations
  • Terminal changes to CJRS
  • Payrolling benefits in kind
  • Pensions dashboard programme
  • Reform of statutory sick pay
  • New fuel rates
  • Freeports and employer’s NI holidays
  • Benefits of using our online portal for our outsourced payroll service

Steven Denton

Payroll Manager

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Peter Brown
16th May 2022 e-Commerce: Are you finding keeping your business’s records a nightmare?

Understanding how to account for your business’s transactions with online selling platforms can be complicated. Ensuring that you are submitting the correct information to HMRC can be tricky as not all platforms have the same VAT treatment.   A2X could make your life easier by saving you time and headaches from the complex world of…

Luke Bacon
10th May 2022 HMRC starts chasing up SEISS overpayments

HMRC has started to recover overpayments of Self-employment Income Support Scheme (SEISS) grants. From April, HMRC is writing to taxpayers whose entitlement to the fourth or the fifth SEISS grant has reduced by more than £100 to ask them to repay amounts that were overpaid. Entitlement to the fourth and fifth SEISS grants can be affected…

Bethan Hassey
8th April 2022 Reduced rate of VAT for hospitality, holiday accommodation and attractions comes to an end!

In July 2020 the government announced that VAT registered business who operate in the hospitality and tourism industry could use a temporary 5% reduced rate of VAT on certain supplies compared to the standard 20% to help them through the Coronavirus pandemic.   The scheme had been extended multiple times, and from 1 October 2021…

Benjamin Burtenshaw
2nd March 2022 Companies House Proposed Filing Reforms

The Government have announced plans to revamp filing at Companies House for small companies & micro-entities in a move that will see additional information made available to the public when filing company accounts. The reforms are largely seen as an attempt to reduce the levels of economic crime committed through the country.   Currently, small…

Ruth Pearson
28th February 2022 New HMRC Advisory Fuel Rates

HMRC have released their latest Advisory Fuel Rates to be used from 1st March 2022.   These rates should be used when you:-   Reimburse employees for business travel in their company cars Need employees to repay the cost of fuel used for private travel   Rates The advisory electricity rate for fully electric cars…

Steven Denton
28th February 2022 Increased National Living Wage (NLW) & National Minimum Wage (NMW) Rates for 2022

In accordance with the government’s desire for the NLW to reach two-thirds of median earnings by October 2024, the following increases to the NLW & NMW have been adopted for 2022-23 tax year.     The new rates will be introduced from 1st April 2022 and will be applicable to all payments made after this…