Parents: Act now to preserve your child benefit entitlement?

31st August shown on calendar with education background for Parents: Preserve your child benefit entitlement? blog post 24th June 2023

As today is GCSE results day, parents whose child is staying in education or training have only until 31 August to re-register with HMRC if they wish to continue receiving child benefit. Such re-registration will continue entitlement to receive this benefit until the child reaches 18.


If relevant to you, you should have already received a letter from HMRC which gives a QR code, to hopefully make re-registration as easy as possible.


If one parent’s income is over £50k a year, and you currently repay some or all of the child benefit through the tax system, you may instead prefer not to re-register.


For more information or advice, contact your local Whitings Office.

Disclaimer - All information in this post was correct at time of writing.
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