How to set up a bank account in Xero

6th December 2021

One of the first things you will need to do when starting to use Xero is to connect your bank accounts, this is a relatively simple step by step process.


Step 1: Go to the accounting menu on the top blue ribbon bar and select bank accounts.


Step 2: Click add bank account


Step 3: Select for your bank in the list given or search for your bank (if it doesn’t appear click “add it anyway”)

  • If your bank name automatically appears then this means bank feeds are available and Xero will automatically put them in for you.
  • If your bank name doesn’t appear and you click “add it anyway” this means that you will have to manually import your bank statements.


Xero may ask you to log in with your bank in which you can follow the on screen commands, if not then continue below.


Step 4: In your account name type how you would like this account to be shown in Xero this can be anything like “Shop account” “Private account” and so on but these must be unique.


Step 5: Select your account type (if yours isn’t shown click other, no bank feeds will be available for this)


Step 6: In account number enter your sort code followed by account number.


Step 7: Select your currency


Step 8: Click save.


If you have any questions on this process or would like some help, please email me on

Disclaimer - All information in this post was correct at time of writing.
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