Latest Blogs in Construction
Ben Kilby
30th June 2014 Worker Tax Status

Employer or Self-Employed? – that is the question As an employer, legislation makes it your responsibility to correctly determine the employment status of your workers – that is, whether they’re employed by you or self-employed. This depends on the terms and conditions of your working relationship with each worker. It’s important to get your workers’…

Chris Ridgeon
21st May 2014 Status Workaround

Schemes now appearing in Construction Sector to Circumvent HMRC’s new Disguised Employment Anti-Avoidance Rules. The Government’s new rules to tackle the false self-employment of construction workers and agency ‘temps’ entered into force on 6 April 2014, but were swiftly followed by headlines such as ‘New model tries to duck false self-employment rules’ in the recruitment…

Chris Ridgeon
10th December 2013 Worker Status

2013 Autumn Statement: HMRC attack construction worker status, AGAIN! Construction is a trade which continually has issues with worker status. The building main contractor wants the flexibility of hiring labour only sub-contractors as and when required, but it does not want the rights and costs that come with employment. A present day workaround to this…