Companies House Deadline

13th April 2016

Companies House Filing Deadline Looming: ‘Workaround’ to extend by 3m. Annual statutory accounts are normally due for filing at Companies House 9m after your year end. You can change your company’s year end (also known as its ‘accounting reference date’) to make your company’s financial year run for more or less than 12 months. Shortening your company’s year end, just before the filing deadline, will extend your filing deadline for filing accounts by up to a further 3 months. So shortening your year end by, say, 1 day can potentially extend the deadline by 90 days. As statutory accounts can be prepared to a date + or -7 days of the official accounting reference date, the actual statutory accounts can still be prepared to your normal month end date.

Blog entry by: Ian Piper.

Disclaimer - All information in this post was correct at time of writing.
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