Budget: Changes for private tax clients

27th October 2021

What was not included in the 2021 Budget was probably more important to private tax clients than what was included – no expected increase in CGT rates and no expected restriction of higher rate income tax relief on pension contributions.

There is a minor administration change that will help those selling residential investment properties, with an extension of the deadline for filing the related CGT return and paying this tax, from completion date +30 days to +60 days.  This change will be effective from 27 October 2021 Budget day. But all in all, not much on personal tax. But don’t forget, the Chancellor had already announced:

  • Freezing of the personal allowance,
  • Dividend income tax rates to increase by 11/4% wef 6 April 2022,
  • NIC rates to increase by 11/4% wef 6 April 2022.

Rather cleverly, this bad news was kept out of the Budget, being announced a few weeks ago, and the latter 2 increases were ‘spun’ as being specifically required to fund improved NHS and social care services.

Disclaimer - All information in this post was correct at time of writing.
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