2022/23 Self Assessment Unpaid Tax: Pay before 2 March 2024

23rd February 2024

If you owed Income Tax or Capital Gains Tax via Self Assessment for the 2022/23 tax year, this should have been paid by 31 January 2024. Interest will be accruing on any unpaid tax at a staggering rate of 7.75%.



If you cannot pay your Self Assessment tax bill and need help, you should contact HMRC as soon as possible.



For Self Assessment, you may be able to set up a payment plan online. This will enable you to pay your Self Assessment tax bill in instalments.


You can set up a payment plan to spread the cost of your latest Self Assessment bill online (without calling HMRC) if:
  • you owe £30,000 or less
  • you do not have any other payment plans or debts with HMRC
  • your tax returns are up to date
  • it’s less than 60 days after the payment deadline


Alternatively, you can call the Payment Support Service on 0300 200 3820 to agree an arrangement. The deadline for this arrangement ends 31 March 2024, so don’t delay.


Interest will continue to accrue on any unpaid tax until the full amount has been settled.



Furthermore, penalties of 5% of the tax outstanding will be charged where you have not agreed a Time to Pay arrangement with HMRC for all unpaid 2022/23 amounts after:
  • 30 days — by midnight at the end of 1 March 2024
  • 6 months — by midnight at the end of 31 July 2024
  • 12 months — by midnight at the end of 31 January 2025



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