When To Find An Accountant: Starting In Business

12th June 2024

Do you know when to find an accountant when starting in Business?


We meet a lot of clients who have an idea for a business, set up a limited company and start trading. They are very keen to get the business going, so keeping on top of the paperwork does not become the priority. They then need to file accounts with Companies House or complete a tax return and need to bring everything up to date.


When to find an accountant

The best time to approach an accountant is within the first few months of trading. We can then help you get set up on some accounting software, let you know about the deadlines and help you through starting and running your business.


However, for those that do leave it a little later, we are more than happy to also help bring you up to date. Not only are we able to assist you with the year end accounts and tax compliance we can also do all of your bookkeeping and payroll as well as offer advice for the future of your business.


Get In Touch

Whether you have started in business today or a year ago, if you haven’t appointed an accountant contact your local Whitings LLP office to arrange a free initial consultation today.


Disclaimer - All information in this post was correct at time of writing.
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