Trustees’ Week – How to become a trustee

3rd November 2021


Many people decide to become a trustee to be able to give back to their communities. It is an exciting opportunity to benefit society and make a difference.


Trustees give their time, skills and experience to a good cause, but they can also learn new and useful skills in their role too.


Charities in England & Wales are regulated by the Charity Commission The Charity Commission – GOV.UK ( and their website details the minimum requirements and role of trustees to be considered.


The ‘Become a trustee’ page on the Trustees Week website gives details on organisations that can assist you to volunteer as a trustee Become a trustee – Trustees Week.


At Whitings LLP we work with many trustees, but often those with financial background and experience as they will be involved in the preparation of the financial statements for the charity.

Disclaimer - All information in this post was correct at time of writing.
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