Data Security

13th September 2016

Farmplan Cloud Offering: Keeping your data secure.
Keeping your data safe and secure is essential for any business, however for many of us we also want to share our data with our consultants, accountants and within the business itself which can pose a problem with the existing systems we have in place. For Farmplan software users though, this does not pose a problem as there is a secure cloud-based storage and data sharing facility in place which is free for all accounts software customers.

What are the benefits of cloud-based storage for our software users?

  • Accountants and 3rd Parties can restore your data seamlessly into Business Manager or Farmplan Accountants Portfolio software. Better access to data enables more timely and valuable advice to be provided by industry professionals.
  • Fully secure portal with no risk of your “live” data being compromised.
  • An economical, easy, quick and familiar way to back up data.
  • Eliminates the frustration of having to email data.

Sally Ashwell, Product Coordinator at Farmplan adds, “Our cloud-based backup service is easy to use and enables our customers to save their data to the cloud and access this whenever its needed not only within the business but by external third parties such as their accountant. Customers simply choose which backup slot to use when saving their data, private or third-party, and then it’s available as required. Data is held off-site and is secured against theft and corruption, our customers have peace of mind that their valuable business data is safe.”

For further information about free cloud-based storage for our range of Accounts Software Products please contact sales on 01594 545000 or email

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