Anderson’s present Farming Seminar in Ely

2nd May 2017

Once again we held our annual Farming Seminar, on the morning of Wednesday 26th April at the Maltings in Ely. Graham Redman and Michael Haverty of The Andersons Centre
once again updated us on the state of UK agriculture.

Graham and Michael provided some interesting DEFRA statistics with an overview of how each segment of the agricultural industry has fared over the past few years as well as looking to planning for what economic decisions will be made following Brexit.

The past 12 months has been nothing if not eventful and the prospect for the next 12 is more of the same.  UK farming has faced challenges in the past and will again as the outcome of Brexit unfolds.  One good thing about working in East Anglia is that we have some of the best performing farms and so should be well placed to cope with these challenges.

We hope that our attendees found the seminar informative and we look forward to next year’s update.

If you have any queries or would like further information regarding our business advice for agricultural clients please contact your local office.


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