Start-up Support

5th July 2016

Itchy Feet: Is now the time to start your own business?
We are here for all of your accountancy requirements, Corporation Tax, Income Tax, VAT, PAYE, as well as Capital Gains Tax and Inheritance Tax. We pride ourselves at being experienced with dealing with businesses and being available no matter how big or small the question. Here are just some of the other areas where we can offer advice and support:
Cloud Accounting Software
A recent study reported that 11 per cent of UK firms are using cloud accounting packages, with accountants reporting that they expect that to increase of 35 per cent in 2016. Businesses on cloud accounting enjoy multiple productivity benefits, including automated bank data feeds and e-invoicing, helping to improve financial controls and gain access to finance. We can provide you with a computerised book-keeping service on a cloud platform, either starting at data input stage or at the VAT Returns and Management Accounting production stages. We are familiar with the main SME cloud accounting suppliers, and can guide you on software choice.
Auto-enrolment Pensions
Auto-enrolment is liable to cause chaos for SMEs as firms with fewer than 30 staff are required to offer a pension scheme from January 2016. With fines for non-compliance and few pension providers willing to deal with small clients, SMEs face a potentially expensive, confusing and above all distracting double bind.
Have you got to the point where you require employees or would you like to draw a salary from the company and our not sure how to process this. With all the new RTI regulations and Pension requirements. We have our own payroll department to help and advise you along the way whether you would like to prepare it yourself or would like it outsourced.
IT Services
Starting in business usually requires the purchasing of IT equipment, networking of computers, anti- virus software, ensuring you have a good internet connection. Let our subsidiary company Decisive IT help you.

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