Latest Blogs in General Practice
Stephen Malkin
13th April 2016 Sage Cloud

Sage Launch Cloud Product: 4th time lucky? Despite dominating the SME on-premises accounting software market for over 25 years, Sage have struggled to find traction in the brave new world of cloud hosting. Initial attempts at licensing its best selling Sage50 software through the specialist hoster, Online<>50, gained little traction. The subsequent launch of the same product…

Ian Piper
13th April 2016 Companies House Deadline

Companies House Filing Deadline Looming: ‘Workaround’ to extend by 3m. Annual statutory accounts are normally due for filing at Companies House 9m after your year end. You can change your company’s year end (also known as its ‘accounting reference date’) to make your company’s financial year run for more or less than 12 months. Shortening your…

Mark Haydon
20th February 2016 New Service

Invitation: Business Growth Service. In partnership with Tom Yeung of Success Management Limited, Whitings are offering our more entrepreneurial clients a new mentoring service, with the sole aim of focussing on delivering business growth. Full details and invitation.

Stephen Malkin
13th January 2016 2015 Trading

2015: How was it for your business? As another calendar year passes, many SME’s will have also passed another financial year end. They will now therefore be assessing how growth was for them last year, and what budget they should set for 2016.  Overall, local SME’s averaged growth of just 0.7% during 2015. They were…

Steve Smith
23rd December 2015 UK Trade & Investment

Exporting is GREAT Campaign: Bid for real export contracts. As 2015 draws to a close the Government have launched a new 5 year campaign with the objective of creating 100,000 new exporters. This new website platform lists real export contract opportunities that are currently out to tender, inviting SME’s to register an interest. Blog entry by:…

Stephen Malkin
13th October 2015 Infrastructure Funding

Slow Broadband: £3k grants available. The Department for Culture, Media and Sport have grants available for up to £3,000 to cover the broadband installation costs of upgrading to a faster and more reliable connection for your business. They say you could get a fibre optic, cable or wireless broadband connection,n amongst other options.  Most businesses…

Andrew Band
26th August 2015 Centre of Excellence

Fenland Office: Plans announced to create ‘Centre of Excellence’. We are pleased to announce plans to create a newly constructed super-office on the southern edge of March. This will enable us to create, under one roof, the teams of specialist advisers that modern day clients require to service their compliance, out-sourcing and advisory requirements. Blog…

Mark Haydon
2nd July 2015 Public Record Disclosures

Abbreviated Accounts: keep your business finances confidential. Instead of filing full statutory accounts on the public record and revealing your sales and gross margin to your competitors and suppliers, you may be eligible to choose instead to file abbreviated accounts if certain conditions are met. Abbreviated accounts are shorter accounts and as such do not include…

Andrew Winearls
6th June 2015 Share Valuation Test Case

Mr & Mrs Foulser v HMRC: interesting test case on valuing shares in unquoted company. Business owners may only have to value shares in their family company on a few occasions during their lifetime (eg for commercial share transfers, gifts or capital taxes calculations), but the numbers involved are likely to be material. So a…

Ernesta Petkeviciute
3rd February 2015 Pension Schemes

There are many attractive tax saving, asset protection and wealth creation features of owning commercial property within your own pension scheme. Along with other relevant professionals, including advisers from Whitings Wealth Management, we can assist in setting up and providing ongoing support services for the following types of pension scheme: SSAS’s – Small self administered…